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Best Flat Lay Photographer

In the world of branding and product photography, flat lay photography is a powerful tool for capturing attention and showcasing products in an engaging and aesthetically pleasing way.

We see so many gorgeous images all the time—from Instagram to Pinterest to ads all around—that it’s almost become second nature to us. We know when we like an image…but if we were to go and recreate something similar, it might not be as easy. Have you ever experienced that?

A lot of thought goes into those expertly designed photos!

And that’s where I come in! 

The art of flat lay photography fuses so many different elements: composition, audience, lighting…and so much more.

With my background in fashion, art, and marketing, I approach styling flat lays with my proven and polished strategy, that delivers sparkling results that capture a distinct vibe/aesthetic.

I’ve worked with clients like Capital One, Chase Sapphire, The Blonde Abroad, Square Cash, Dermalogica, and more — each one with a different audience, goals, product, and feeling.

Curious about the art of styled flat lays? Here’s a little rundown in how they can play a pivotal role in your digital marketing and e-commerce business. 

What is a Flat Lay?

First things first: what is a flat lay?

You know how the 17th century Dutch Masters were famous for still life paintings? Think of flat lays as the 21st century answer to those paintings — both art forms focus on arranging objects in a visually appealing manner, carefully considering composition, lighting, and symbolism.

Dutch still life paintings often showcased an array of objects, from flowers and fruits to luxury items, while modern styled flat lays incorporate various products, props, and textures to create a visually captivating scene. Just like their Dutch predecessors, today’s styled flat lays aim to evoke a certain aesthetic, tell a story, and engage the viewer.

I mentioned I have a background in art, right? (Art history, actually! And when you understand the history, background, and purpose of art, it brings so much more meaning and impact…and ultimately you can create more significant work when you infuse all these layers into it!)

If you find yourself asking, “But what is a flat lay and why is it so ubiquitous in today’s world?”

Here’s a little rundown:

A flat lay is a curated photo of products that are arranged and captured from a top-down perspective. The objects or products are carefully placed and styled to create an aesthetically pleasing composition that tells a story, showcases a brand or lifestyle, or conveys a specific theme.

The term “flat lay” itself emerged more prominently with the rise of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest…big surprise there.

With the advent of these visual-focused platforms, flat lay photography gained significant popularity — especially in the lifestyle, fashion, food, and beauty industries.

Because you can photograph from the top down (like with an iPhone) they were easier for a creator to capture and started popping up with so many bloggers and brands.

Flat lays serve as a little snapshot of daily life and resonated with audiences — again, like the still life paintings I mentioned above.

Flat lay photography allows for a high level of creativity and customization, making it an effective storytelling tool. By arranging objects, props, and backgrounds thoughtfully, photographers can convey a specific mood, showcase product details, or tell a visual narrative.

Coastal California Summer Bikini Travel Flat Lay

Cuban Food Flat Lay Photographer

A Perfect Blend of Fashion, Marketing, and Art

Like I mentioned earlier, I have a background in fashion, art, and marketing, which is truly the crème de la crème when it comes to the art of flat lays.

Before becoming a full-time branding and product photographer, I had over 10+ years of working for online blogs and websites, creating visuals and content. I dove into analyzing audiences, art direction, and figuring out how to appeal to certain markets in fun and creative ways.

Because of my background, I’m able to take a creative brief and product and style “lifestyle flat lays” that capture a feeling; sometimes the feeling is aspirational, or luxurious, or cozy, or it captures the vibe of a certain place…like Paris or the Hamptons.

Colorful South of France French Riviera Flat Lay Summer

Travel Flat Lay Passport

Inspiring Flat Lay Photography Ideas

Are you interested in styling flat lays and not sure where to begin? I love sharing tips and tricks, especially as we all have to start somewhere! So much of creating is about figuring out what works and what doesn’t…and that comes from experience.

Curious about the strategy of how to build a gorgeous flat lay? Here’s a quick rundown of the things I think about before crafting the an eye-catching flat lay:

  • Are you channeling a certain time, location, or aesthetic?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What backdrops or textures do you have available?
  • Source inspiration and create a moodboard
  • Bring in small details
  • Establish a color palette
  • Consider your light source
  • Play with composition and negative space
  • What platform are you sharing on?
  • Editing is the *chef’s kiss* for the image

If you’re looking for a top-tier flat lay photographer who can elevate your brand’s visual identity, I’m happy to help. With my background and expertise in styled flat lays, I love capturing the essence and aesthetic of a brand and translating that into gorgeous imagery.

Interested in me creating flat lays for your business? Take your brand’s visual storytelling to new heights with the artistry of flat lay photography — inquire here to work with me!

Vintage Hat Travel Map Binoculars Flat Lay

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