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Colorful Artist Branding Photography

As an artist, your personal brand is everything. It’s how you showcase your unique style, personality, and artistic vision to the world.

That’s why a personal branding photography session can be so valuable.

Long Beach oil painter artist Linda McClure hired me, Chelsea Loren, as her photographer and creative director to translate her brand into eye-catching imagery. For Linda’s session, we wanted a colorful personal brand photo session that that perfectly captured her artistic style and personality, along with her love of travel.

The painter branding photoshoot began with headshots for artist, Linda McClure. These shots were carefully crafted to highlight her professionalism and attention to detail while still capturing her warmth and approachability as an artist.

My expertise with artist photography came through in carefully curating colors, lighting, and backgrounds to complement Linda and act as subtle nods to her brand.

The next step for the colorful personal brand photo session was seeing Linda’s artwork featured in a luxury home! With a target audience of those who love travel, being fearless and adventurous, and also the finer things in life, it was important to display her artwork in such a setting.

As an oil painter, Linda’s art is filled with bright, bold colors that reflect her cheerful personality. I worked with Linda to incorporate these same colors into the painter brand photography session and find the right space to serve as the perfect backdrop  — for both her artist headshots and place to feature her artwork.

I did a lot of prep work and behind-the-scenes planning to ensure Linda’s brand and artistic vision were fully realized: from a creative directive with storylines, key phrases and feelings, inspiration and shot list, outfit selections, prop lists, and the timeline for the day.

The pre-production stage is critical to ensure everything is cohesive, we’re strategic with our time, and we get all the imagery that Linda needs.

The result was a stunning collection of artist branding photography shots that perfectly capture Linda’s individuality and creativity. From playful shots of Linda surrounded by paintbrushes to more dramatic images of her in action at the canvas, each shot was carefully crafted to showcase Linda’s unique style.

Overall, Linda’s experience working with me was an incredible success. Through the painter branding photoshoot, she was able to elevate her personal brand and showcase her art in a way that truly resonates with her audience.

If you’re an artist looking to take your brand to the next level, investing in artist brand photography is definitely worth considering. Not only will it help you stand out in a crowded field, but it will also give your audience a glimpse into your unique perspective and style.

Artist Branding Photography Goals

• Sell original paintings through driving traffic to website
• Build an audience on social media and have content to share with galleries
• Increase licensing projects — expand reach and find new markets
• Sell in live, high-value shows

Key Notes

Linda McClure makes paintings that combine unique animals, birds, flowers, and sea creatures in tableaus rich with interlocking brush strokes of saturated color. Her process involves combining figurative imagery with surrealistic concepts that co-exist in an unorthodox harmony. McClure’s narratives often indulge her imaginative adventurous spirit and incorporate many images and references to her travels.

  • Colorful, energetic, tells a story
  • Natural photos of Linda at work
  • Strategic/styled photos of artwork
  • Creative headshots
  • Studio space and detail shots
  • Feel the connection to the artist
  • Robust gallery of for art galleries, applications, social media presence, website
  • Incorporate personality and connection


  • California Local
  • Creative Headshots / This Is Me
  • In the Home / Completed Works
  • Travel – Painting in the Yoga Studio, Backyard
  • Artist at Work in Personal Studio / Details

Artist Branding Photography in Long Beach, California


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