You know the junk drawer we all have that’s got dried-out pens, tangled headphone cords, a half-used glue stick from 2012, and takeout menus? Does your current content strategy look a little…well, like that? No real direction or plan, you’d rather *not* think about it, and it’s not doing anyone any good?

Quick question: how long has your business been held back because of this? 

Fun fact: a UCLA study reports that 93% of all information today is consumed through visuals. In a world that’s fueled by visual imagery, photos are the primary source of storytelling. What do your photos say?

I’m well-acquainted with hodgepodge marketing plans and flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude when it comes to photography. 

Images are the first thing people see. What do your images say?

-James, bopo women

Chelsea brought our brand to life in a truly special way. She has first class styling and photography skills. What we found particularly impressive was her ability to understand our brand and then capture that brand essence in ways we couldn’t have described.

"Chelsea understood our brand and captured its
essence in ways we couldn’t have described."

as seen in

Consider me your fairy godmother of photos, here to make all of your images sparkle (sans glitter). I wear all the hats so you don't have to: creative director, light-seeking photographer, product stylist, audience analyzer, color connoisseur, brand cheerleader, the list goes on and on. 

I don't believe in duller than dull stock photography à la Amazon or run-of-the-mill headshots.

(But we can do those to supplement all the other fun captivating photos if you need them). 

I believe in imagery that's meaningful, connects you with your target market, and ultimately drives profits so your business can flourish. 

And that's exactly what I'm here to help you do!

Meet Chelsea

Photographer, stylist, creative director


Images are your best asset to capture client's attention. Approach your marketing with strategy and creativity to visually communicate your brand.

I'll deliver a folder brimming with cohesive and captivating images so you won't ever have to spend 2 hours trying to create
the perfect shot. Use your time wisely doing the things *only you* can do.

You know how you can tell the difference between, say, Van Gogh over Banksy? Your brand should have imagery and visual cues customers recognize as distinctly yours!  This creates brand recognition and trust.

Photos that don't get lost
in the scroll

establish your brand's signature style

more time to focus on
growing your business

Time is not refundable; use it with intention.

From compiling a mood board and digging deep into my brand aesthetic, to executing the photo shoot and post-editing process, Chelsea was such a gem! Truly professional and so, so creative. She captured the look and feel I was striving for with my brand and product photos, down to the smallest details. As a small business trying to keep up with social media and maintaining a website, these photos helped take my brand to the next level.

"I knew it was the investment that I needed, and I'm so grateful to Chelsea and what it's done for my business."

- Lauren, good and gold studio

- Maya

 Her talent is like no other! She ensures every product is styled perfectly and all the tiny little details are captured in each shot. We're continuously impressed by her creativity and could have never imagined our products styled so beautifully.

"Chelsea has gone beyond our expectations and has taken our company branding to a whole new level."

-Claude, Fête and paperie

I just kept saying, ‘Oh my God,’ over and over to myself. My jaw stayed totally open for 5 minutes. I love love love every image and every detail. I can see the time and thought she took to style everything perfectly. I am super pleased and so happy I found Chelsea! 

"I'm literally wanting to cry because Chelsea did such an amazing job."


I contacted Chelsea as I was getting ready to start online dating. I did not want a selfie or photos out with friends for my profile, I wanted photos that showed who I was, things I enjoyed doing, as my goal was to attract a likeminded person, I wanted to find my husband. In working with Chelsea, she helped me in creating different looks that represented who I was by capturing photos of me that showcased my lifestyle, fitness and career. Chelsea listened to all that I wanted to get out of our session together, taking the time to find the right locations that included wardrobe changes and the best lighting. She produced a beautiful portfolio for me to choose from for my profile and I am happy to report that I wasn't online dating very long, and that I am now happily married!

"Chelsea listened to all that I wanted—taking the time to find the right locations, the wardrobe, and found the best lighting."

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