I’m blessed to have worked with many couples who started as clients and quickly became friends. I've collaborated with 60+ brands internationally, and written about dozens of travel destinations + adventures.

My time working as a stylist and fashion/travel blogger,
along with studying Creative Direction and earning a Bachelor's Degree in Art History led me to chase even bigger dreams... For awhile I lived in Paris, working as a writer + photographer — creating bespoke travel guides that highlight hidden gems around the world.

Following that, I worked as a Photo Stylist, Product Photographer + Blog Writer for a California-based boutique. Now, I'm bouncing between Australia and California — capturing adventurous love stories, helping businesses launch brands that inspire, and creating visual content with meaning.

If you think our styles mesh, I'd love to hear from you!

Hey there!
My name's Chelsea. 

I wear a lot of hats (both figuratively + literally): 

Stylized Product  + Branding Photographer
Wedding + Engagement Photographer
Travel + Fashion Photojournalist
Social Media Content Creator
Freelance Copywriter

Wander through the site —
get swept up in the love stories, 
fall head over heels for the products,
and be transported all over the world through my writings.