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Luxurious styled bougie glamorous old money sophia richie styled product photography for candles vignette black peonies blair waldorf gossip girl new york city ritz

Step into the world of opulence and luxury with Black Peonies, where simple elegance meets drama in their exquisite scent product line, featuring candles, diffusers, and wax melts.

As a brand product photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the essence of these “bougie” candles in a way that transcends the ordinary (and, fun fact, bougie in French means candle…so that’s a fun little word play).

The client sought ecommerce images that went beyond the traditional, aiming for a sense of aspiration reminiscent of brands like Louis Vuitton. I curated a vision of sharp, captivating images against a creamy white backdrop, accentuated by contrasting shadows, to infuse the collection with a touch of drama.

For the hero images, I crafted a storyline inspired by the sophistication of a bougie night, with the timeless tune of “Putting on the Ritz” in mind.

Let’s delve into the journey of creating commercial luxurious styled candle product photography for Black Peonies.

Setting the Stage

To capture the essence of sophistication and opulence, while still creating uniformity for the product website, I opted for a creamy white backdrop that allowed the candles to take center stage

The sharpness of the images ensured every textured detail of the candles was emphasized. By strategically playing with contrasting shadows, I added a touch of drama, elevating the visual impact and creating a mesmerizing effect.

Luxurious styled bougie glamorous old money sophia richie styled product photography for candles vignette black peonies blair waldorf gossip girl new york city ritz

Crafting the Hero Images

The hero images aimed to transport viewers into a world of luxury, where indulgence meets sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the iconic song “Putting on the Ritz,” I envisioned a storyline that encapsulated the essence of a lavish evening.

Picture this: pouring champagne from a Dom Pérignon bottle with Art Deco coupes, a black marble backdrop, and candles lighting flickering candles to set the mood. A hand adorned with emerald green gloves, embellished with exquisite jewelry, delicately lights the candle, enhancing the sense of indulgence and refinement.

Storytelling marketing was seriously at play with this set of images. Talk about luxe!

Storytelling Marketing & Imagery

Now if you’ve been hearing the buzzword, “storytelling marketing” or “storytelling photography” lately — there’s a good reason.

People buy feelings, not products.

While products may serve functional purposes, what truly compels individuals to make a purchase is the emotional experience associated with that product. People seek out products that fulfill their desires, needs, and aspirations, which are ultimately driven by the feelings and emotions they hope to experience.

Consider a luxury sports car — while it may possess impressive engineering, advanced features, and a powerful engine, what truly entices buyers is the feeling of exhilaration, status, and admiration that comes with owning and driving such a vehicle.

It’s the emotional appeal of experiencing freedom, power, and luxury that drives the desire for the product.

This principle extends beyond luxury goods and applies to various industries and products. Whether it’s fashion, technology, food, or even everyday essentials, people often choose products based on the emotional benefits they associate with them.

Individuals may purchase a particular brand of clothing because it makes them feel confident, stylish, or connected to a certain lifestyle. 

Marketers and brands understand the power of emotional appeal and storytelling in their efforts to connect with consumers. They aim to evoke specific emotions through their messaging, branding, and advertising campaigns.

By creating narratives that resonate with customers’ aspirations, values, and desires, brands can establish an emotional connection that goes beyond the functional features of their products.

Storytelling marketing and photography have a profound impact because they tap into the power of human connection and emotions. When we encounter a compelling story, whether through written words or visual imagery, it has the ability to captivate our attention, resonate with our experiences, and leave a lasting impression.

Luxurious styled bougie glamorous old money sophia richie styled product photography for candles vignette black peonies blair waldorf gossip girl new york city ritz green glove lighting a candle

The Art of Aspiration

Black Peonies candles evoke a sense of aspiration, offering a touch of sophistication to elevate any space. By infusing the photography with elements of luxury and indulgence, we aimed to create a desire for viewers to draw them in, allure them, and have them become customers of the exquisite candles.

In the realm of styled candle product photography, these photos for Black Peonies are…well, LIT. By blending the brand’s vision with my creative expertise, we crafted captivating imagery that encapsulated the essence of their sophisticated candle collection.

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