Perfect for CPG brands, food & packaging, clothing brands, bedding companies, and more! 

Chelsea is a commercial lifestyle photographer based in San Diego, California and works with clients and brands all over the world. Her work has been seen in Travel & Leisure, Free People, American Eagle, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, and across countless e-commerce brands and marketing channels.

Chelsea seamlessly blends artistry with business, creating captivating, results-driven imagery that's a true return on investment. Her journey began with a passion for storytelling, evolving into a commitment to "Meaningful Imagery that Drives Profit." With a background in editorial, Chelsea infuses creativity with analytics, ensuring every frame tells a story while strategically contributing to your bottom line.

Specializing in commercial lifestyle photography and serving as your creative director, Chelsea brings meticulous attention to detail and a decade of industry insight. Designed with your brand and your audience's lifestyle in mind, commercial lifestyle photography is one of the best ways to breath life into your products and attract your target market. 

Commercial Lifestyle Photography

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