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Chelsea Loren Southern california photographer for boutique hotel l'auberge del mar with beach chairs on the sand with aperol spritz and large french straw beach hat. Luxury hotel experience photographer.

Lifestyle Hotel Photography for L’Auberge Del Mar in San Diego

At, I believe that every business has a unique story to tell, and capturing that essence requires a thoughtful approach to creative direction and meticulous planning. My recent collaboration with L’Auberge Del Mar, a luxurious coastal retreat in California, was a testament to this philosophy.

Inspired by the stunning location and the desire to showcase L’Auberge Del Mar’s distinct charm, I collaborated closely with the Marketing Team at Missing Piece Marketing and the Marketing Director of L’Auberge Del Mar/Noble House Properties. Our goal was to align with their target market, highlight unique amenities, and refresh their online presence.

To ensure a unique and engaging experience, I crafted a detailed Creative Directive, outlining different storylines that would guide our shot list, props, outfits, and the overall timeline for the day. Each photoshoot is a puzzle, figuring out what makes the hotel special and why guests should choose it for their stay—whether it’s a local staycation, babymoon, work trip, or a relaxing holiday.

Hotel Photography Ideas

The key is highlighting distinct features!

Creativity and storytelling are at the heart of my hotel photography, and at L’Auberge Del Mar, we brought unique ideas to life, ensuring their imagery stands out in a competitive market.

L’Auberge Del Mar recently brought on a new Head Chef to their staff, and the culinary delights he is creating are unmatched. Our focus was on highlighting these creative and decadent dishes, from lobster seafood evenings to mimosa bars and brunch specialties, we aimed to capture the essence of the culinary experience.

Additionally, we wanted to showcase the inviting pool and the hotel’s proximity to the beach.

Storylines and Experiences

My approach involved focusing on various storylines and experiences at the hotel, such as breakfast in bed, a lively mimosa bar, an aperol spritz oasis by the pool, and swanky evening cocktails.

This approach not only guided our shot selection but also added depth to the overall storytelling.

Practicality and Execution

Implementing creative ideas comes with its challenges. For instance, capturing a seemingly simple shot of two beach chairs on the sand with a cocktail required careful consideration of factors like wind, background distractions, and logistics. My dedication to executing these ideas flawlessly ensures that each photograph tells a compelling story.

Tailored to Each Business

Recognizing that each hotel is unique, I tailor their imagery to highlight their distinct assets. By delving into the reasons why guests choose a particular hotel—whether it’s the location, amenities, stunning rooms, or specialty brunch offerings—I ensure that our photography resonates with the target market.

Understanding the hotel’s need for both evergreen and seasonal content, we crafted a diverse gallery that would stand the test of time while remaining relevant to specific promotions or events.

Capturing the Lifestyle Experience Photographs

In the realm of hotel photography, capturing the lifestyle experience goes beyond showcasing rooms—it’s about telling a compelling story that resonates with potential guests.

Lifestyle vs. Traditional Photography

While traditional hotel photography focuses on presenting rooms and properties as they are, lifestyle hotel photography delves deeper. It captures the experience of staying at the hotel, enticing guests with visions of breakfast in bed, a refreshing aperol spritz on the beach, or an evening cocktail by the pool.

Our goal is to create a draw that goes beyond showcasing a nice room. By immersing potential guests in the lifestyle they can expect, we provide them with reasons to book and imagine the unique experiences awaiting them.

The Day of the Photoshoot

A successful hotel photoshoot requires meticulous planning and time management. Here’s a glimpse into a typical day behind the scenes.

Timeline and Duration

The duration of a hotel photoshoot varies based on the hotel’s needs. For L’Auberge Del Mar, our session spanned from early morning until sundown, allowing us to capture the diverse experiences offered throughout the day.

Managing Time and Logistics

With over a decade of experience in photography and photoshoot planning, we’ve honed the art of time management. Our process includes setting up shots, changing outfits, accommodating breaks, and coordinating with hotel staff to align goals and timelines.

Testimonial from Missing Piece Marketing

Maddy at Missing Piece Marketing, who collaborated on the photoshoot, shared:

“Chelsea is nothing short of amazing. Throughout the whole process, we have always felt confident with our choice of working with her on projects. From beginning to start, she is professional, timely, very helpful, and so thoughtfully creative. The creative directive was magical and the best thing I have ever experienced while working with photographers.”

Boutique Hotel Photographer

With a background in crafting photoshoots for various online outlets and major travel brands, our approach is rooted in understanding what performs well on social channels. This, combined with experience at Travel & Leisure, allows us to fuse lifestyle experience art direction with photography, showcasing properties in truly unique ways.

Southern California is home to a myriad of hotels and resorts, each offering a distinct atmosphere. My ability to adapt editing styles, create varied storylines, and highlight different amenities ensures that each photoshoot is a bespoke experience.

Interested in working together to highlight your boutique hotel or property? I’m based in San Diego and work with hotels all around the world to create dynamic, meaningful and engaging content that drives profit.

Inquire about working with Chelsea Loren for your hotel photography needs here!

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