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Colorful watercolor zellige tile backdrop product photography for smoothie juice brand in San Diego

Hey there, fellow photography enthusiasts and lovers of vibrant, delicious smoothies! I’m Chelsea Loren, a brand product photographer based in San Diego, California.

I’m excited to take you behind the scenes of a recent project that perfectly encapsulates my passion for colorful product photography and showcasing local brands. Join me as we dive into the world of Juice Wave — a local juice and smoothie brand that’s all about celebrating the rainbow of flavors and fresh ingredients.

I worked with Arleigh Rose, the owner of Juice Wave, to understand her needs, how the brand has developed, and what makes it unique. Here’s a look into our colorful Brand & Product Photography session!

Creative Direction: Capturing the Essence of Juice Wave

When Juice Wave approached me for their product photography needs, I was immediately struck by the essence of their brand: fresh ingredients, tons of color, and eating the rainbow. I noticed that the rainbow window panes adorning the store front and that inspired me to think outside the box (or should I say, outside the juice bottle).

Arleigh needed photos of each of her products — a variety of cold-pressed juices, signature açai bowls, granola, chocolate covered dates, and more.

The idea of eating the rainbow became the cornerstone of the creative direction and I wanted to stretch that a bit further…so I pitched Arleigh on a few ideas: a custom watercolor tile backdrop that mimicked those tiles, along with a custom wave backdrop inspired by the Juice Wave logo. She LOVED the ideas, so here’s how I made it happen.

The Custom Watercolor Tile Backdrop

To truly capture the spirit of Juice Wave, I crafted a custom backdrop that would serve as the canvas for our product photography session. Drawing inspiration from the colorful window tiles that adorned the shop, I hand-painted the watercolor tiles. These tiles, reminiscent of Moroccan zellige tiles, added an organic and fresh touch to our photography session.

As an added bonus, I could turn the backdrop in different directions so an array of colors were used to complement the color of the juices. 

Creating this backdrop was a labor of love. Each tile was meticulously painted to ensure the perfect blend of colors and textures. The result was a backdrop that not only mirrored Juice Wave’s aesthetic but also elevated the overall visual appeal of our photos. You can see a behind-the-scenes video of the process here!

The Wave Backdrop: Making a Splash

In addition to the watercolor tiles, I wanted to incorporate another element that tied in with the brand’s name, “Juice Wave.” Because their logo is a wave, I mimicked the shape for a custom wave backdrop. This backdrop not only added a playful touch to our images but also allowed us to maximize the number of shots we could capture per product.

The wave backdrop served as a dynamic backdrop that beautifully complemented the vibrant colors of Juice Wave’s products. It also reinforced the brand’s connection to the ocean, the laid-back San Diego lifestyle, and the organic handmade quality of each item.

The Result: Colorful Product Photography that Pops

With the custom backdrops in place and Juice Wave’s delectable products front and center, the photoshoot was a true success. We were able to capture the essence of the brand in every shot, showcasing the variety and freshness of their juices and smoothies.

The vibrant colors and unique backdrops made each image pop, creating a visual feast for the eyes. From deep greens to bright pinks, we celebrated the full spectrum of colors that Juice Wave has to offer.

These images are now an integral part of Juice Wave’s marketing materials, conveying the brand’s commitment to quality and deliciousness.

Product Photography in San Diego

As a product photographer in San Diego, I relish the opportunity to work with local businesses like Juice Wave to bring their unique vision to life through creative photography. Juice Wave’s commitment to colorful and fresh ingredients, paired with their distinctive storefront, provided the perfect canvas for our creative direction.

By crafting custom backdrops that mirrored the brand’s aesthetic and essence, we were able to capture the spirit of Juice Wave in a way that resonates with their audience. I hope this journey through our colorful product photography session has inspired you to think creatively and embrace the uniqueness of your own brand.

If you’re in the San Diego area and in need of product photography services, whether it’s for juice, smoothies, or any other delightful creations, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to help your business shine through the lens.

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