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Playful Commercial Brand Photography for Sweetums Wipes

Hey there, I’m Chelsea Loren, a Brand & Product photographer based in San Diego! I spearheaded a vibrant and playful lifestyle brand photoshoot for Sweetums Wipes, and I’m excited to give you a peek behind the curtain.

This story is all about infusing some zest and character into Sweetums Wipes‘ imagery—something I love doing as a colorful product photographer. I like to view my job as being someone who puts together the visual story of a brand, figures out the different puzzle pieces of how to convey messaging, and then bring that to fruition. Every day and every job is different, but with my trade tools and systems of strategy it streamlines the work.

First things first, what are Sweetums Wipes? Well, Sweetums Wipes are flavored intimate wipes to “sweeten the job” when you’re getting down to business.

Yes, are very cheeky in nature and I wanted to make it clear it was a fun and playful photoshoot — not something that would warrant a McAfee virus sweep from an illegal Limewire download back in the day.

Don’t worry — things were kept pretty PG-13 and I was able to show my mom the final images. 😉

Here’s the scoop on the colorful and playful lifestyle commercial brand and product photography for Sweetums Wipes!

Colorful commercial brand product photography for fruit wellness beauty brand sold at Urban Outfitters consumer packaged goods cpg photographer san diego california

Colorful commercial brand product photography for fruit wellness beauty brand sold at Urban Outfitters consumer packaged goods cpg photographer san diego california

The Creative Process

From the get-go, I wanted to capture the playful essence of Sweetums Wipes without going overboard…or under the sheets. The challenge? Balancing fun vibes while steering clear of anything that might get our content flagged.

So, after some awesome chats with the brand team, I whipped up a Creative Directive—a visual roadmap to make magic happen on shoot day. That’s the gig of being a visionary creative director and a colorful product photographer—mixing creativity and strategy.

And, having spent years working on sets and with brands, it’s figuring out how to make the ideas come to life whole working on the timeline.

Color Selection, Props, and Wardrobe

What are some of the key components during a photoshoot that sometimes get overlooked? Wardrobe and props! Oftentimes people will think the models or team know to just show up with a zillion outfit choices and you’ll figure it out on the fly…but the models can’t read your mind. And, if you want the session to look cohesive and intentional, this takes planning.

I mapped out the different scenes and storylines for the team, and detailed our plan of action: shot list, inspiration, wardrobe, which props I needed when.

Picture this: Sweetums Wipes’ vibrant fruit flavors and those adorable pastel colors inspired our entire shoot. I’m talking grape, watermelon, mango, pineapple, cherry, and cinnamon bun hues—each carefully chosen to bring out that burst of energy and fun in every shot.

And naturally, we used wardrobe to complement those fruits and make things pop — without it being too overly matchy-matchy.

Planning and Execution

Making an intimate product like Sweetums Wipes look playful without being too much? It was like threading a needle.

Educating their audience about the wipes’ uses and flavors was key, especially since they’re in places like Urban Outfitters and CVS, and there aren’t necessarily in-store displays or presentations.

So, bring on the playful licks, sultry looks, laughter, and suggestive placement. 

Creative brand photography in Southern California girl eating grapes greek goddess creative direction outdoors getty villa model laurel witt

Storylines and Themes

We had a few different themes and scenes for the day. First up to bat…Grecian goddess for the grape flavor launch! Think sensual, empowering, and visually stunning — the gorgeous model being fed grapes while lounging on an outdoor chaise in front of lush greenery.

Every shot was grape…I mean great, and was a fine wine in the making. 😉

Moving on, we color matched some of the flavors with their coordinating fruits. Added in a sprinkling of suggestively placed intimate wipes and/or their boxes.

We even threw in a pearl necklace — I’ll let you figure out the meaning on that one. 

Changing it up, the scene moved to a “getting ready” for date night, individual product shots on a light pink backdrop to match their branding, some steamy dripping shower shots, and more!

Planning every prop and outfit was my jam, ensuring everything flowed seamlessly from scene to scene. My structured timeline? That’s what kept our shoot day ticking like clockwork—maximizing productivity while keeping the creativity flowing. It’s the magic of being a premier brand photographer and creative director here in San Diego!

What made this shoot pop? Consistency and coherence, baby! Nailed it with lighting and a killer color palette. And the models? They brought the playful vibe to life, giving us those candid moments that made our visuals sing.

This project is my brand photography game in action—infusing vibrancy into any brand’s story. It’s what I do best as a sought-after brand photographer and creative director here in San Diego. Think of it as a blend of creative vision and technical mastery—because that’s what you’ll get when you choose me for vibrant and playful brand photography services.

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