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I like to wear a lot of hats, both figuratively and literally. More often than not, I'm spotted in my Indiana Jones-inspired fedora, or rocking a fisherman-type cap. I've lost one hat to the sea before, in Budapest, on my 22nd birthday. That hat saw many adventures and I mourned its loss for days. But I've come to realize that the memories made while wearing it, the photos taken in it, and the (badass) feeling it bestowed on me are everlasting. Here is a collection of memories, projects, places afar, love stories, and musings (probably written while wearing a hat).


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This is from August, the night we ran away to watch the Perseid meteor shower The night we stopped dreaming from behind the confines of our screens. Traded for glimmers of hope, fleeting flashes of light that dance across the sky. Scientifically speaking, they are just meteors – fragments of dust or sand, speeding through […]