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Meet Chelsea

When I first Skyped with Bronwyn, creator of Bopo Women, and her partner James — I was immediately HOOKED. Bron told me about her vision: a skincare line that changes the rules of how beauty products are both made + marketed to women. It’s going to be natural and organic, and defy beauty standards; she described Bopo Women as, “being a middle finger to the beauty industry standards, and a nourishing, loving hug for you.” Now that’s something I can get behind!

She was after a creative photographer + stylist to bring Bopo Women to life and create eye-catching imagery. And that’s where I step in! 🙂 

The Overall Feeling + Style

She sent me a couple inspiration images of what she was looking for, and we discussed the overall feeling: clean + minimalistic, luxe, and modern feminine. She also wanted to incorporate raw materials: florals + botanicals, crystals, and a bit of marble.

The Color Palette

Clean White // Pastels // Gold // Blush + Rose


I have a whole prop collection catalogue that I sent over to Bron, and she chose the pieces she thought would be perfect for the shoot. I was ecstatic to see that all the pieces she picked out were exactly what I was thinking for Bopo Women — meaning we were on the same page.

Individual Product Photos

Each product needed a clean “main” photo, along with several creative + styled images for the individual product pages.

Hero Header Images

For the hero/header images for the website, Bron + James envisioned some sort of bathroom scenario, or striking imagery to show a bit of the range.


Lastly, they also needed a series of group photos — products that will be sold together in a pack (like cleanser, face oil, and moisturizer).

How awesome is that packaging + brand artwork? Vanja Vukelić of Meraki Labbe illustrated those rad designs!

I threw in a few Instagram-worthy bath shots, too. 🙂

Client’s Response:

“Oh my goodness I was SO excited to see this and am so grateful to your for getting these to us so quickly.

We have spent the last hour sitting in front of your AMAZING work with our mouths open (and me with the tears of course!). I can’t really put into words how much we love what you’ve created for us. You’ve brought Bopo Women to life in such an incredible way that I don’t think we could have ever asked for/put into words. We love every single photo and it is just so magical to see it brought into existence in this way!! We love the props you’ve used, flowers you’ve used, crystals you’ve included. EVERYTHING. 

Thank you so much for the love and attention you’ve put into this. It means so much and we are so happy we found you.

Hopefully as Bopo grows we can continue to work with you to bring our vision to life!”


This is why I do what I do. I absolutely love helping brands shine, making their vision into a reality, and giving them the tools to flourish. Bopo Women is launching on April 30th + I can’t wait to see them grow!

Are you launching a brand + looking to get your own product photography done? Or perhaps you want a major boost when it comes to online branding + eye-catching imagery? Let’s chat! 🙂

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