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If you found me through Pinterest or Instagram — welcome! My New York City Bachelorette Party went semi-viral and I had so much fun planning the entire thing, that I figured I would share as many details to make the planning process easier for you!

First things first, you absolutely do not have to give a gift at a bachelorette party — please know that none of this is ever required or expected.

I am a very ~extra~ person, and having spent years as the Features Editor at Green Wedding Shoes, I had seen A LOT of weddings and wedding-related content.

Two, my job after that was as the Blog & Content Director at The Blonde Abroad, a leading travel blog, where I crafted itineraries and created content all around making the most out of travel experiences.

So, for my New York City Bachelorette Party it was essentially a mash-up of these two things that I have spent countless hours on: wedding planning and travel planning…so I went a little overboard.

I’m going to repeat myself, if you’re asking, “Do you give gifts at bachelorette party attendees?” or “Who gives bachelorette party favors?” know that there are no rules or expectations, so do not feel obligated to doing any of this.

But, if you like being extra and surprising your friends with themed things, then you’re in the right place!

Here’s what I put in my classy New York City-themed Bachelorette Party Gift Boxes…and other bachelorette party gift box ideas!
New York City Bachelorette Party Moodboard Pinterest

Bachelorette Party Ideas

First Things First: Pick a Theme

The overall inspiration for my New York City Bachelorette Party was classy New York City Gossip Girl aesthetic — think “Old Money” vibes with touches from NYC history, meets very playful Sex and the City camp.

To me, this meant playing up the classic elements of places like The Plaza and high-end shops with a ribbon-tied gift box and luxurious goods (while still minding the budget I had in place).

As all of us were flying into New York City, I also wanted to incorporate a few items that make long travel days nicer, as well as prep for the surprise photoshoot I had in store.

Helpful Tip:

One of the most difficult things about these “extra” bridesmaid gift boxes was transporting them there!

This is certainly not the first time I’ve overpacked…and definitely not the last. I looked into two options: ship the boxes via UPS/FedEx to the hotel before we arrived, or add-on an extra check-in bag at the airport. It turned out to be more economical just to add the check-in bag at the airport.

Pro Tip: If you can use a bag that folds up easily, you can store it in your other luggage for the return flight.

New York City Classy Bachelorette Party Gift

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

My love language is gift-giving, along with quality time — so I had a lot of fun putting together unique bridesmaid gift boxes for my girlfriends to open once they arrived in the city.

Here’s what I included in the gift boxes to give you some ideas:

Gossip Girl Upper East Sider New York City Bachelorette Gift Box Idea

Helpful Tip

Because the Fujifulm Disposable Cameras contain undeveloped film, I kept them separate from the boxes (in my carry-on luggage) and had them inspected at airport security, so as not to ruin the film with the X-ray.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but I had other film that needed to be checked, too. Ultimately, you paid for the film and you don’t want it to get ruined.

Other Things to Consider for Bachelorette Party

We scored a large 2-bedroom suite in the Upper East Side, which was perfect for the “ultimate slumber party.” That said, it was about 8 ladies in close quarters, so there were a few additional things I brought to make the experience a little more pleasant.




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