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What a fun branding photography session this was! This San Diego branding session was for the team of five incredibly creative and talented ladies at Hello Storyteller. The team was preparing for a women’s retreat in La Jolla and wanted me to come photograph the essence of their brand and showcase the incredible team of women. Every lady brings a different talent and expertise to the team, and we wanted to highlight that through creative imagery; while it’s difficult to encompass each gal into words, we focused on different ideas and things they’re known for to illustrate their role on the team.

As they prepared for their women’s retreat in La Jolla, I drafted a Creative Directive for their branding photos that detailed the timeline of the day, storylines, outfits, props, and overall aesthetic, so we were aligned in the goals and usage for the branding photography session.

As a San Diego-based photographer, I was thrilled to shoot this session at their beautiful Airbnb in La Jolla, and then wrap up the session at the Carlsbad Flower Fields — the timing worked out perfectly as the flower fields had just opened for the season.

For the branding session, we focused on capturing team branding photographs that reflected their passion, sisterhood, and commitment to empowering others. We were able to photograph a range of shots, including individual portraits, team photos, and action shots of the gals working together, merchandise photos, beachy carefree images, and ones at the flower fields.

From the team: Hello Storyteller is a professional creative photography community to grow, learn and thrive. To push yourself beyond your perceived limits and far beyond your creative box that you are jumping for joy to get started. We’re here to teach you, challenge you, cheer you on, and inspire you to be the best creative YOU – you can BE!

Here’s a bit about the prep for our San Diego branding session for this women’s photography retreat!


• Looking to grow audience to be a more creative space for photographers, graphic designers, artists in different mediums, branding photographers, product photographers

• Pull in more professionals and draw them into the community and purchasing courses.

Target Audience

Our ideal client is the female creative photographer, typically a Mom, but can be any age range of creative looking to fall in love with photography. We appreciate all styles from lifestyle to nature and everything in between.

Welcoming Space for Creatives with a Supportive Community. Focus on Female Empowerment and Step Into Their Own Power/Small Business. Engaging Space for People Who Feel

Like There’s No Space for Them. For Everyone, Regardless of Skill Level. Do What You Do Best and We Want to Celebrate That.

Key Notes

• Capture the Personality and Uniqueness of Each Member, Play Up Their Strengths and Style
• Storytelling, Creative Perspective, Unique Portraits
• Images of the Whole Team/Sisterhood — Both Serious and Laughing Booties Off
• Showcasing Who We Are, What We’re About, and We’re Accessible
• Light and Fun, Supportive Environment
• Mix of Business Casual (Think Jeans) Working at Home Photos
• Fresh Outdoor Photos – California Lifestyle
• Podcast Photos
• Online Courses and Offerings
• Mix of Product Shots (Apparel, Planners, Mugs)
• Likes Clean and Light with Pops of Color, Not Overly Saturated, but with a Vintage Flare


• Podcast Hosts
• This is Me / Creative Headshots
• The Team/Sisterhood
• Working from Home / Online Courses
• Products & Merch
• Beach – Freedom & Joy
• Flower Fields – Bloom, Grow

Branding Photography for Women’s Retreat in San Diego

Notes from Megan of Hello Storyteller:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so flippin’ amazing, the photos are absolutely stunning. We love them so much. I’m so excited to use them and put together some pages for the website. We’ve already been using the merch ones like crazy — so thank you, and we’ve got some sales this week! They’re so beautiful and I can’t wait to showcase them on the website and shout you to the rooftops because you’re so amazing. Love you!

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