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Styled Product Photography for Apologia

“Chelsea is incredibly detail oriented and a true photo shoot curator. As a Marketing Director, it’s difficult to manage a shoot without being physically present, but Chelsea’s incredible preparation, communication, and professionalism set my mind at ease. The product pages on our website and so much better; I was the most worried about the dissection kit photos, and she somehow made them look 100% better than I imagined.” — Ashlynn Henkel, Marketing Director, Apologia

Creating all of the product imagery for the Apologia website was a very large scale project, and it came together beautifully. I received an email request several months back from Ashlynn, the Marketing Director at Apologia, inquiring about brand product photography for ~250 products. The textbooks, workbooks, CDs, and other curriculum items needed to be photographed individually and as sets. Ashlynn was looking for both styled product flat lay images, as well as photos of the interiors of the books, multiple angles, close-up detail photos, and overall images that made the products shine and feel tangible.

After chatting more specifics with her, I sent over a proposal, she presented it to her team, they signed off, and I began the project. Apologia mailed my studio roughly 12 boxes filled with their products while I drafted one of the lengthiest Creative Directives ever — a whopping 72 PAGES.

The Creative Directive detailed the shot list, props for each category, possible backdrop selections, inspiration, goals, audience, and overall usage. Ashlynn and I were able to go over the Creative Directive together to make sure we were on the same page, and review and questions I had before beginning the style and photograph the items.

Once the products arrived, I reviewed the product shipping list to account for any missing items and then we were off to the races! The full gallery of over 1800 styled product photography images took roughly a month to photograph and each of the props was carefully selected and curated to reflect that of a homeschool environment.


Accompany website refresh and increase direct website sales, improve social media engagement, and grow our reach to new homeschoolers.

For homeschool moms to look at our product photos and envision our books sitting on their homeschool table in their home — to capture the feeling of warmth of being at home, surrounded by her children and learning together. I want them to see the nature elements of our curriculum displayed, and to showcase all the details of how our products can be used together to provide students with everything they need.


  • Bright and colorful
  • Energetic and Nature Focused
  • Use elements that compliment Apologia’s branded color palette


Curriculum is God-centered, focused on pointing students to learn through nature. High-quality books written conversationally directly to the student (using the Charlotte Mason method). Fosters independent learners; notebooks promote note-taking skills and improve writing skills.


Nature elements, lab supply list (plants, rocks, flowers, microscope, feather, turtle shell, rul- er, pencils, pens, scissors, etc.), elements that complement Apologia’s color palette.


Bright and colorful, Energetic and Nature Focused, Get the feeling of the books through the photos

Here’s a sampling of some of the styled homeschool curriculum book product photography!



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