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As a culture, I often find Americans (myself included) saying ‘I spent the weekend doing this’ or ‘I spent so much time on that.’ The age-old “time is money” idiom directly reflected into our language, becoming a commonplace colloquialism; as if we’re emptying our pockets and ticking away the minutes of our lives... 

Say “Rodeo Drive” nowadays and images are summoned up of stately palm trees paralleling high-end boutiques, rays of sunlight reflecting off the bumpers of luxury cars and handfuls of designer shopping bags. The area is only about half a century old yet it manages to give off an aura of old European nostalgia with its cobblestone streets, romantic archways and fountains that blend classical architectural styles with posh storefronts. Though Hollywood has ingrained this image, making it iconic, Rodeo Drive’s roots are entrenched in humble beginnings.

Rodeo's Wild Ride
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First things first: Coco Chanel did NOT invent the Little Black Dress. Yes, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel did play a very influential role in bringing the LBD to the market and popularizing it for the masses, but she did not invent the concept of “the little black dress.” There are many precursors to the October 1926 issue of Vogue, where Chanel’s design first appeared. The picture published of her design was a short and simple dress – calf-length, straight and decorated by only a few diagonal lines. Vogue called it “Chanel’s Ford,” likening the modest garment to the reliable Model-T of the time. Henry Ford’s famous words, “any customer can have a car painted in any color that he wants so long as it’s black,” are practically sewn into the seams of the LBD. 

History of the Little Black Dress
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Passing a white-washed cemetery, flowers abundantly strewn over the fence, Velina said that there was a death of an old man in the village yesterday. My expression shifted as I offered up my condolences, and she reassured, “It’s part of life– death is, just as much as life is. It goes.” I listened to her wise words as we drove through the lush mountainside. “His wife yesterday at the funeral, she is 85, she began with poetry. It is unique to Cretan life, this poetry.” She explained that these prose come on the spot, when emotions are pouring out like libations and cannot be contained anymore. “The poems gave me like bumps, chills” she said as she motioned to her arm. “Goosebumps,” I mouthed and she said, “Ah yes, goosebumps.” 

The Magic of Crete
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Pulling up to an eclectic graveyard of recycled art and funky signs, I'm surrounded by a landscape of white sand hills scattered with tires. Within minutes, I'm chatting with Steven Harris, the owner of Off Road Rentals—though if you ask him, he would deny most claims to the throne. A hippie type that spends half his time in Mexico and the other half playing outdoors in the California sun, Harris is all about having a good time and having others join him.

Quad Goals: Wheelin' and Dealin' on a Desert ATV
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A swirling labyrinth of colorful mosaics and zealous paintings, the Mosaic Tile House in Venice is a collaborative effort of two artists that fell in love. Inspired by the likes of Gaudí, the house quickly became a canvas to their lives and the vibrant kingdom has been in a work in progress since 1994.

Southern California’s hidden gems

It was 2015 when bridal capes really appeared on our radar. We swooned over them in 2016, and this year — they stole the show!! Adding a dramatic touch, with an ever-enchanting vibe, capes create an ethereal feeling and the movement when you walk is almost other-worldly! We found that the crowd went absolutely WILD when a model donning a cape graced the runway, especially when she turned or rose her arms and let the cape swoop and fall.

Favorite Trends
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Bridal Fashion Week 
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Silhouettes and trends fade out by the season and become distant memories; once in awhile a reminder of them will pop up in old pictures only to make you cringe. But sometimes, there are trends that you can’t get enough of… and once they’ve come and gone, you cross your fingers and wish that they would re-appear. Well, as the saying goes “history always repeats itself,” the same can be said for fashion.

And the nineties are having yet another moment. This year’s most popular trend – the slip dress – is reprising its well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Quite frankly, we’re not really sure why this slinky silhouette went away in the first place as it is one of the most versatile pieces to rock. A slip dress with strappy heels is perfect for a night out, or it can take on a casual vibe by pairing it with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Trendspotting: Slip Dresses (and T-shirts)
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“Please, go sit – in the open window, and enjoy. Fika!” She insists. “Fika?” I thought to myself, maybe I misheard her. Taking my ice cream cone, I sit in the windowsill, and watch the world pass by. I hear different languages mix together as groups of people walk by – families, friends, people from all around the world, laughing and talking with each other. The sun starts to peak over the buildings of the alleyway, and my blue and yellow ice cream takes on a honeyed sort of flavor as it begins to melt into one.

Girl With Severe Wanderlust: Stockholm, Sweden
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While some might consider 6 cups of gelato in the span of 3 1/2 days complete gluttony, I’m viewing it as a considerable feat. Although it’s difficult to go wrong with gelato, just as it is difficult to go wrong with pizza — there are a few tricks of the trade that I picked up along the way when searching for the next best cone (or cup). In talking with numerous “gelato specialists,” otherwise known as my friends who have been living in Italy and consumed vats of this delicious sugary milk, there seemed to be a common consensus of what to search for when looking for “the BEST gelato.”

25 Jaw dropping spots
that will
make you want to elope
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The past few years have given rise to the trend of eloping, in lieu of the traditional wedding — and for good reason! No longer does the term “to elope” conjure up images of the past, where a couple runs away and marries in haste. Rather, eloping has become a serious thing to consider when you + your beloved are planning your vows.

DIY Silk Floral Macramé Backdrop
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Macramé is coming back into vogue and in a BIG way! We’re sure you’ve seen many creative designs, from plant hangers and table runners, to wall hangs, and more… We certainly have + each time we find ourselves oohing + awwing, and wistfully wishing we could create something like that. Whether it’s for a boho bridal shower, an adventurous outdoor ceremony, or even for your bedroom — we think this floral macramé backdrop (or wall hang) is fitting for all seasons + styles!

How to elope in a national park
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Tips to save money and
still have a gorgeous wedding 
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Garment Game: The history of LA's fashion district
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Work at a Desk? Here’s How to Prevent Arthritis
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Have you ever heard of “reversed neck curve”? What about “text neck”? I hadn’t, until recently, though I’d experienced its repercussions and aggravating pain for years: chronic headaches, tightness in my shoulders and neck, the occasional slip of a disc. A few weeks ago, I had just returned from a month-long road trip and was moving boxes out of my room. I lifted what I thought was a cardboard box filled with blankets in the exact way you’re instructed never to lift: bent over and with my back. Big mistake. HUGE. I quickly (painfully!) found out it was much heavier than it let on—silverware and plates were buried below the fluff.

Downtown LA is rich with history, especially when it comes to industry, costuming and design. The 90-block zone of pre-war commercial buildings and several modern towers is home to over 5,000 companies, employing 50,000 people and taking in $8 billion a year Mannequins stand in rows, waiting to be dressed, as thousands of boxes are shipped in and out each day. The LA Fashion District is a bustling, chaotic and creative world that captures the essence of the American dream.

A Wedding Suspended 400 Feet Above a Canyon
in Utah

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding and freaking out about the budget, and wondering what you can cut? We hear you! Your big day doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. We at GWS wholeheartedly believe that the most important part about the day is the two of you and the love you share: that’s it.

We’ve had a number of couples ask something along the lines of, “How would you suggest saving money? What things are necessary? What can I do without?”

Love is in the air… literally! The moment we saw Kim + Ryan’s incredible *suspended* wedding on Instagram, we wanted to know all the details, and were so excited when we saw the couple had actually already submitted their day for us to share! As professional slackliners, K+R specialize in highlining, which is a sport similar to tightrope walking… only hundreds of feet in the air (don’t worry — they wear harnesses!). The two fell in love in Moab, Utah at a slacklining festival, and happened to get engaged there a few years later, so it only felt right to say their vows there, too!

To start off, almost all of the U.S. National Parks allow for ceremonies to take place within their grounds — though “special use” permits are required, with an upfront fee (usually between $50-$200, depending on the park). Some people have asked, “Well, what if it is just us, the officiant + the photographer — do we really need a permit?” Our best advice, is absolutely YES. Why? If by chance you get stopped by a ranger that asks for the permit, how crushing would it be to have to put your wedding day to a halt? And two, the national parks are such a great service + a definite cause for supporting. Fair? We think so. If you’re wanting to elope in such a place, applications should be submitted several months in advance (though you can sometimes get away with three weeks, however, we would just err on the side of having ample time!).

From those with classic East Coast charm to those with quintessential California vibes, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest barns available as wedding venues in 2018!

Not only does Spain Ranch offer up the incredibly striking Black Barn, but they also have a crisp white one, too (aptly named The White Barn). Talk about striking contrasts! Whether you’re wanting to go for a rustic look, or modern minimalism, these spaces in Tulsa, Oklahoma can be totally transformed. Oh, and if those black and white barns aren’t eye-catching enough, imagine driving up a tree-lined road, stumbling out a large pond home to wildlife and fowl, and then being swept away by all the New England-style charm!

How to make frosé
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Step 1: Freeze Rosé in ice cube trays the night before
Step 2: Blend together frozen Rosé cubes with 1/4 cup lemon juice until smooth, serve immediately!
Makes 3-4 servings depending on glass size
GWS Tip: This Frosé has a super refreshing taste to us, but if you’d like it sweeter or a different shade of pink, add your favorite fruit to sweeten things up! We recommend a simple syrup, raspberries, or strawberries. Have fun experimenting!!

Give the Gift of Wine 
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Are you a wine aficionado, an oenophile? Do you have a crush on anything Cabernet? Ever feel the need to imbibe a bountiful glass of Burgundy? Perhaps you’re in the camp that champions, rosé all day? Do you believe that everything happens for a ‘Rieseling’? (Cheesy, we know.) Maybe you’re not sure about vintages, regions, or can’t detect certain notes — all you know is that vino is delicious and you’re thrilled when your glass is topped off… Well, if any one of the above describes you, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be weak in the knees for Winc.

bring hygge into your home with
crate and barrel
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In the past year or two, you’ve probably stumbled upon the Danish word of “hygge,” and wondered what the heck is that? The word was probably paired with Pinterest-worthy rooms — ones filled with plush pillows, cozy blankets, copious amounts of candles, and an overall feeling of coziness. Ring a bell? In essence, hygge, pronounced “HOO-gyah” (or something similar to that), is the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures: friends, family, and being cozy. For those in the Nordic region, where winters run long and dark – it’s vital for one’s well-being to find things that make them happy, to compensate for the lack of sunlight. To combat winter blues, the Danes focus on getting cozy by lighting hundreds of candles, wrapping themselves in wool blankets, sipping on something delicious (mulled wine or hot cocoa, anyone?), and enjoying the company of others. As Denmark has consistently been voted one of the happiest countries in the world, we think they’re on to something.

Honeymoonin’ Holiday: For the Adventurous
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Do you and your love want to hike through the forest, kayak through choppy rivers, wake up at dawn to see the sunrise from the mountain-top… or yeah, something like that? Well then, you’re in the right place! Prepare to take note + start planning your next grand holiday. Adventure awaits!

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll have a blast touring the countryside to visit many of the locations that were used for filming. And even if you’ve never seen the show — no worries! There are tons of epic hikes to waterfalls + rolling green mountains (make sure to check out Skaftafell + Mt. Esja!), along with the ever-popular Blue Lagoon, and the wreckage from an old airplane crash on a black sand beach (Sólheimasandur).

Ten Los Angeles Hotels to Fit Your Wedding Style 
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Los Angeles is known for its blonde beaches, for serving as the home base of so many pop culture icons, and of course, the Hollywood sign. However, LA’s roots runs deeper than that; a boomtown at the beginning of the 20th century, the sprawling metropolis drew in people from everywhere. As a result, many distinct neighborhoods emerged, each with their own characteristics and personality. From the swanky, jazz-age hotels of Beverly Hills, to the relaxed and cool rooftops of those in Venice Beach – there’s definitely something for everyone. We’ve teamed up with Expedia.com to find the top Los Angeles hotels that match each and every wedding style… So sit back, relax, and find your perfect venue!