Have you ever wanted to take pretty photos with your love, but thought, “We are SO awkward. And like cameras and posing… Nope.” Don’t you worry. We will PLAY, we will GOOF AROUND, we will LAUGH until we almost pee our pants. 

Your shoes might get wet, and we may have to trek through mud or fields… But that’s all part of the ADVENTURE. We will work with the sun, let the wind run through your hair, and embrace the present moment. 

I want you to look back on these photos in years to come and feel exactly how you were feeling, what was making your heart race, and all your future plans. 

It doesn’t need to be your anniversary. It doesn’t need to be the day you get engaged. It doesn’t need to be your wedding day… But it could be! Photos matter, no matter the occasion or the day. Your relationship changes and grows over the course of a year, five or fifty, and it’s important to capture it — to remember the little things, the way you held each other, the way you make each other laugh…


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