Hey hey, Chelsea here!

I’m a photographer, writer, and adventurer that tells stories + captures love. I’m a dog person — if you have a dog, I will try to cuddle it (I won’t take it home though, because that would be too much of a zoo, I already have FOUR). Capturing couples WILDLY IN LOVE is my favorite thing, though I do fancy product + travel photography. 

Each + every love story is different, and I want to capture what makes you two YOU. The little ways you make each other laugh, the secret smile you give each other when you share an inside joke, the way you squeeze your partner’s hand to let them know you’ll always be there. 

Those genuine, ridiculous, flirty, loving, big and small moments between you two. Let’s tell the STORY OF THE AGES and create photos that matter — the ones you’ll be able to look back on in twenty years, in fifty years, and be like DANG DUDE. I LOVE YOU... So much then + so much now. Do you remember that day? I loved that haircut of yours. That was a good day.